Access Control

Access Control

Chipcards as identification medium are state of the art technology for modern building access control. Access to areas and time zones can be managed individually in a flexible and secure way. Due to eh limited read/write distance, the handling of chipcards in usual “touch and go” systems can be annoying to users. The Value-ID long range active system shows how access control can be solved in a different way. The read/write distance of the Readers can be adjusted individually. Where there is a need for high security, it is possible to maintain a “touch & go” like system by limiting the distance to a few cm. But in less critical areas it is possible to open doors comfortably hands-free via distances of several meters.

Added value

In addition such an installation offers the possibility for combined solutions. The use of long range Readers in combination with car park barriers offers a comfortable and secure parking experience. Valuable items can be tagged with Transponders and be located and tracked in real-time. Of course the Transponders can also be used as medium for time and attendance or as intra company money purse.


A great variety of up to data interface options is available: RS232, USB or Ethernet. This allowas interfacing to virtually any management system. The optional use of power over ethernet simplifies installation and reduces investment cost. Integration of the Value-ID equipment in solutions for parking management, facility management and access control can be accomplished with little effort.

Energy efficient

With an energy consumption of only 0,25W the Value-ID active RFID system operates extremely power saving.


The Transponders and Readers have an integrated AES-standard encryption which can be enabled optionally. Thus it is impossible to eavesdrop the user data or to manipulate data transmission.


The compact Reader module can be placed inside a standard flush mount box and integrates perfectly with any building interior.

Integrated intelligence

The series 3000 Readers can optionally be operated in Stand- Alone mode. This means that the application logic runs inside of the device. This way, the access to doors or car barriers can be checked easily. The access rigths can be assigned by a Whitelist which is integrated in the Reader.

Optionally the Reader can be equipped with an Input/Output module providing two Relay outputs and two Opto-coupler inputs. This allows direct control of physical barriers.

Over The Air Kommunikation

Over The Air communication

A unique feature of the Value-ID Reader 3000 is its „Over The Air (OTA)“ communication ability. The RF interface will be used for communication between readers in this case. A gateway Reader will provide a virtual connection between a PC and a remote Reader. This way it is possible to install Readers without expensive and time consuming installation of network cables.

Investment protection

IT systems must meet theyr requirements also in the future. Thus the Operating System of the Reader (the “Firmware”) of all System 3000 Readers is updateable. The Firmware Upgrade is done using the standard communication interface or simply “Over The Air”. So it is not necessary to unmunt a Reader for doing a Firmware update. A special safety mechanism maintains an operable state of the Reader even if communication during update is being interrupted or if a power failure occurs.