Anti- Theft

Anti- Theft

The Value-ID long range identification system is perfectly suited to detect attempts of theft in an early stage secure precious items from theft.

Simple yet secure

The valuable items are equipped with transponders. One ore more Raders permanently monitor the Transponders signals. Any change of position  of an item will be recognized and can be used to trigger an alarm. Also the sudden absence or destroying of a Transponder will trigger an alarm.  The interrruption of communication between the management system and the Reader will also cause an alarm situation. The system can be used inside or outside. So it is possible to recognize theft respectively attempts of theft in an early stage.

Track & Trace

Alternatively any change of position can be monitored and only when an item leaves a defined area, an alarm will be triggered.


A great variety of up to data interface options is available: RS232, USB or Ethernet. This allowas interfacing to virtually any management system. The optional use of power over ethernet simplifies installation and reduces investment cost. Integration of the Value-ID equipment in solutions for parking management, facility management and access control can be accomplished with little effort.

Energy efficient

With an energy consumption of only 0,25W the Value-ID active RFID system operates extremely power saving.


The Transponders and Readers have an integrated AES-standard encryption which can be enabled optionally. Thus it is impossible to eavesdrop the user data or to manipulate data transmission.

Over The Air Kommunikation

Over The Air communication

A unique feature of the Value-ID Reader 3000 is its „Over The Air (OTA)“ communication ability. The RF interface will be used for communication between readers in this case. A gateway Reader will provide a virtual connection between a PC and a remote Reader. This way it is possible to install Readers without expensive and time consuming installation of network cables.

Investment protection

IT systems must meet theyr requirements also in the future. Thus the Operating System of the Reader (the “Firmware”) of all System 3000 Readers is updateable. The Firmware Upgrade is done using the standard communication interface or simply “Over The Air”. So it is not necessary to unmunt a Reader for doing a Firmware update. A special safety mechanism maintains an operable state of the Reader even if communication during update is being interrupted or if a power failure occurs.