Temperature logging

Temperature logging

The Series 3000 temperature loggers are perfectly suited to comfortably monitor the integrity of temperature-sensitive and perishable goods. In variable intervalls, the temperature logger stores date and time and the current ambient temperature into its internal memory. Depending on the chosen logging interval, the temperarure logger can record temperature data over periods of days or weeks. Thus the cold chain can be monitored consistently without any gaps.


Using the Value-ID long range Readers, the recorded temperature values can be read out of the temperature loggers fully automatic and over distances of 50 meters and more.

Technical data

Accuracy better than 0,5 °C from 0°C to +65°C
better than 1,0 °C from -40 to +85°C
Resolution 0.0625 degrees Celsius
Memory Capacity Date/time and temperature for 4096 Measurements
Battery Lithium 3,6V
Recording duration >14 days with a logging interval of 5 minutes
>28 days with a logging interval of 10 minutes