Ing. Mag. Gregor Ponert has more than 20 years of experience in the area of automated identification systems. During his employment as R&D manger at SKIDATA AG, an internationally very successful Austrian business company, Gregor was leading the development of automated identification and access control systems for people and cars. Through his experience, Gregor is able to solve problems in different domains.

RFID and automated identification technologies

Technologies for automated identification and data acquisition like Barcode, GPS, WiFi, active/passive RFID are in use in many applications. They ensure transparency and efficient workflows during the complete value chain from production to the end customer. Also inner- company operations can be organized more efficiently and more transparent by using automatic identification technologies. Our long lasting experience can help you for optimal implementation of your project. Typical project steps are:

  • Process evaluation
  • Requirements engineering
  • Concept design
  • Development of a decision base
  • Development of a solution strategy
  • Conduct pilot projects
  • Implement final solution

Product development/ product design

You have a product idea and do not have sufficient capacities for implementation. We can help with:

  • Product related innovation consultancy
  • Idea management, creativity techniques and creativity management
  • Value analysis
  • Concept development
  • Implementation planning
  • Project management
  • Patent analysis
  • Development of Patents


  • Identification technologies
  • Barcode
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Physical access control (Car parks, Skiing lifts, Stadia, Trade shows, Buildings)
  • Biometric technologies
  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless communication