Active RFID System 3000

Active long range RFID Readers of the latest generation with operating distances of 40 to 100 meters depending on the type of Transponders and Reader antennas in use. In addition, the Readers can estimate the distance betweeen Readers and Transponders. This allows locating of Transponders in real time.

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A unique feature of system 3000 is its “Over The Air (OTA)” communication possibility. The existing air interface will be used for communication between Readers in this communication mode. Therefore it is possible to install readers without the need for network cables. This saves time and money.

Alternatively the series 3000 Readers can be operated in stand-alone mode. This means that the application logic runs inside of the Reader. This way, the access to doors or barriers can be monitored easily. Access rights can be assigned by a whitelist which is stored inside of the Reader´s non-volatile memory.

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The series 3000  Transponders are powered by an integrated lithium battery and transmit theyr unique identification code in adjustable time intervals. This information is reveiced by all Readers within communication distance. Of course it is possible that more than one Transponder is located within the communication distance. A special procedure makes it possible that a few hundred Transponders can be within comminication distance of any Reader.

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Of course we also supply selected accessories for your installation needs like power supplies, cables, Power Over Ethernet adapters, mounting kits etc.

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