The Series 3000 Active RFID Transponders are long Range RFID Transponders of the latest generation. The Active Series 3000 Transponders can be read and written from distances of 40 to 100 meters depending on the combination of Transponder type and the Reader Antenna in use. dditionally the Active Reader 3000 series can estimate the distance between the Reader and the Transponders. This allows for localization of Transponders.

The communication technology in use allows for robust communication even when Transponders are placed near metals or liquids. Transponders can also be used as Wireless Data Loggers. Applications are in logistics, Access Control and Time and Attendance as well as Anti-Theft applications for valuable items. The use of latest technology allows an outstanding price/performance ratio.


The series 3000 Transponders are operated by an integrated battery und send their unique identification in adjustable time intervals. This identification message is being received by all Readers within read/write distance of the Transponder. Of course it is possible that more than one Transponder is within read/write distance of any Reader. A special method allows for normal operation of the system even if hundreds of Transponders are within read/write range.


The Transponders and Readers have an integrated AES- standard encryption which can be enabled optionally. Thus it is impossible to eavesdrop the user data or to manipulate data transmission.


In ist basic configuration the Transponders provide read/write memory for user data of 512 bit. This memory can be used for personalizing Transponders and for storing application specific data. Optionally, memory capacities of up to 256kbit are available. This memory can be used for example for Temperature logging applications.


All Transponders will constantly monitor the battery voltage and have an integrated temperature sensor. In addition, the Transponders can be optionally equipped with a highly precise temperature sensor or other sensors.

The Key-Chain housing variant of the Transponder also provides two integrated buttons which can be used in application to individually react on user input.

Flexible applications

A variety of configuration options help to simplify and speed up application development. The maximum reading distance can be configured with Reader commands and allow for selective “separation” of Transponders. An integrated Whitelist allows to limit reading of Transponders to a defined list of Transponders.

Housing options

Different Housing options and variants allow different applications. A Key Chain Transponder is ideally suitable for Access Control and Time and Attendance applications. The functional Industrial Housing is suitable for a variety of applications. The variant with integrated mounting flange allows for flexible mounting.


  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Logistics, Warehouses
  • Lokating and identification of people and items
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification
  • Access control, Time and attendance
  • Anti- Theft
  • Temperature surveillance
  • Temperature logging
  • Wireless sensors


Techncal data

Size 54x34x15mm, Key Chain
50x35x15mm, Industrial Housing
67,3x35x15mm, Industrial Housing with flange
Degree of protection (EN 60529) IP 54
Power supply integrated lithium battery
Battery life approx. 2-8 years depending on Use Case
Temperature -30 ~ +70 C
Frequency 2.400 – 2.483MHz
Encryption AES128 (Optional)
max. read/write dist. 40-100 meters
Integrated features 512 bit to 256kbit memory for user data
Monitoring of the battery voltage
Measurement of ambient temperature
Highly precise temperature sensor (Optional)
2 Keys (Key Chain housing)
Additional sensors (optional)
High power battery for exteneded life (optional)


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